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The entire trip was so well organized. From meeting me at the airport, to the hotel reservations, meeting the women, planning trips and various outings, and making sure I made it back to the airport. I felt perfectly safe the entire trip.

Maria was great, available 24/7 for any questions and help I needed. ( I don’t speak any Spanish).

Maria provided constant feedback to me about the women, and to the women about me. The women were all great. Very serious, and would make great wives for somebody. Maria made sure the meetings were fun and relaxed.

Maria was always working, getting to meet as many women as possible. All the women, except one, kept their appointments. I had such a great time, I plan making more trips with Maria’s help. I now consider her my friend.

Jeff. – from New York

Maria was awesome. Worked tirelessly to set up dates and make sure that I was well taken care of. You guys are the best!

T.- from Ohio

She helped me BIG TIME last summer when she took a trip to the Los Cedros barrio in Barranquilla for me. For her help, I am completely indebted to her. She is super cool for having gone to Los Cedros Barrio on my behalf. MARIA! MARIA! MARIA! MARIA!!!!


Ken– from Riverside County, California

If you guys only knew what a good translator she is. She has all the pieces around her to start a great agency that is very customer oriented, and never have to provide lodging to anyone. Heck there are so many good hotels in BQ that do such a nice job. Why even try to compete with a hotel anyway?

The girls are everywhere and the good people personality she has with everyone in Barranquilla is great to witness in person.

When she walks in almost any business in Barranquilla they know her and like her and really do their best to provide great service to her and her client. The girls also have mucho respect for her.

As a matter of fact I would like to buy into her Matchmaking business, uhmmm shares for sale that’s an idea!

Jay – from West Virginia

You really need to (get connected) with (Maria Jose). She has the experience and the knowledge. She lives right there in BAQ. She has been a great asset to me and I know many other guys too. She has opened up my eyes to many things I had no clue about.

Les – from Texas

Maria has a lot of experience seeing guys go to Colombia, meet a cute girl, ignore the red flags and get engaged, go through the visa process and watch and listen to the guy get burned by the girl.

All (the) while, the guy would not listen to common sense or advice of what (she) was telling him, that something is seriously wrong in the relationship, either with him the girl or both.

Mudd. – from San Diego, California

I tell (Maria Jose) about how I really like this one girl but I can’t figure out why (the girl) is acting hot for me one night, and will have nothing to do with me the next.

Well Maria Jose must be related to Sherlock Holmes, because she figures it out in no time flat!!! (THAT IS WHY YOU NEED A COLOMBIAN (Matchmaker) EVEN IF YOU SPEAK GREAT SPANISH FOLKS!!!)

She finds out from the girl’s mom that she is out (on) a date with another (foreign) guy at that moment, and figures it is “Chris” (who she had translated for before).

Q. – from Seattle, Washington