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Personalized Matchmaking Services

What makes Exclusive Colombian Matchmaker unique from any other international marriage agency?


  • Maria is passionate about matchmaking and genuinely loves to help others.
  • She is on a mission to help as many local women find love and start a fulfilling family life.
  • She has also taken a pledge to have the man’s (best) interest at heart.

The results of these values combined reflect on the way we work with you towards finding your match in Colombia.

How does our process work?

It all starts with you: 

  • First stop is getting to know you better.
  • Second, we need to know more about the woman of your dreams.
  • Third, you need to provide us with tentative travel dates to Colombia.

These three quick but very important steps are the beginning of this adventure.

Will cover all the questions!

It’s our duty to know more about everything that matters most to you.

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We are in the Business of Helping the right TWO People Find Each Other

Leave all the hard work to us!

  • No more  having to randomly approach and meet girls, over weeks, months, or years at a time, and hoping that one of them likes you enough to give you her number, date you more than once or twice, and try to have a relationship with you.
  • No more profile surfing, reading between the lines and discouraging surprises.
  • No more waiting for women to show interest, show up, communicate or to put effort into the relationship.

Instead meet 10, 15, 20, or more girls over the course of 3 days… women that ALREADY like you, are ready to get to know you more and that look forward to getting the chance start a relationship with you.

Your Exclusive, Personal Search Begins!

In the process of hand-picking your matches, and screening them for compatibility, leaving no stone unturned, we will personally meet with and/or talk to each woman who meets at least your minimum criteria. They will then decide if they are interested and in meeting you and will be invited to meet you during your visit to Colombia.

Three (3) Magical Days of Introductions

We’ll introduce you to as many women as we possibly can!

For men that give us our 2-to-3-month lead time, it is quite common for us to introduce them to 20-30 beautiful, hand-picked Colombian women during this period. It’s a LOT like being on that TV show, “The Bachelor”

In most cases, we will have confirmed interest on both sides from you seeing photos and reviewing each girl’s profile, and the girl having seen your photos and profile, and expressing mutual interest.

Sometimes however, if time does not allow for profile sharing/confirmation, we will make a judgement call based on our understanding of your criteria and the girl’s criteria, and you may meet non-confirmed girls whom we believe there is a good chance that you two will have compatibility.

The experience will most likely seem magical, mind-blowing, and at times overwhelming… but in a good way. Leveraging our matchmaking and exclusive search skills and experience, you will most likely be able to meet more beautiful women in 3 days… that have a genuine interest in meeting you… than you would be able to meet, on your own, in years.

We will coordinate and confirm all of your appointments, just as if we were your own personal concierge and executive assistant. All you have to do is sit back and await for your next potential princess to arrive.

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