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We offer celebrity service, at prices affordable for the “Average Joe”!

Our unique niche is that we provide Very Affordable, but Exclusive Matchmaking services that are normally reserved for the very wealthy in more developed countries like the USA or the UK. Our prices make it very affordable for the average blue collar or white collar worker.

And don’t you deserve to be treated like a celebrity, even if you are just an average joe? And trust me, when you have 10, 15, or 20 younger, beautiful, exotic women all vying for your attention… you WILL feel like a celebrity, just like on that reality TV show, “The Bachelor”!

And if you are wealthy, celebrity, or corporate executive status… wouldn’t you like to get more for your money by using our services, rather than paying USA or UK matchmakers between 10 – 100 times our prices?

Wealthy individuals, celebrities, corporate executives, etc. who have money, looks, and seemingly everything going for them actually have a great need for matchmaking services because they are simply too busy to devote time to finding their soulmates, since they spend so much time focusing on their careers.

But let’s face it, celebrity or not, we’re ALL busy right? So sometimes it’s difficult for most people to invest the necessary time into finding that “special someone”, or “needle in a haystack” when our busy schedules get in the way.

So many people having few choices, make poor choices for their mate, simply because the time needed to find good women, push past fears of rejection, contact them, arrange dates, get disappointed, then “wash, rinse, repeat” can often be overwhelming. Or maybe you have no problem “getting” dates, but finding that chemistry with someone is so elusive.

That’s where we come in… in Barranquilla, Colombia, we have so many beautiful, younger, marriage-minded women looking for good foreign men that your chances of success are increased! WE do all the time-consuming behind the scenes work for you, searching for your soulmate, while you focus on your busy schedule. All you have to do is schedule your trip, and come down, and we will have a full line-up of beautiful, marriage-minded women waiting to meet you…

And we do all this at prices extremely affordable for the average working man!

As a basis of comparison, we have taken the convenience of providing you the names of many services and their pricing. Please note that not only are the prices out of this world, but the time frame that they need to introduce you to matches is sooooo much longer! They also introduce people to far fewer matches, in this long time frame, and for such astronomical pricing.

This is simply more proof of the sheer abundance of beautiful, marriage-minded women that we have here in Barranquilla, Colombia!


Cost Compared to USA Matchmaking Services

Exclusive Colombian MatchmakerOnly $1,275 USD

+ $70 Each Additional Day for same visit (after your first 3 days here in Colombia)
2-3 months to match you up with potential candidates
3 days of introductions in tropical, exotic Barranquilla, Colombia
15-24 dates in 3 days (if you can handle it)
translation services with each date as needed
tourist concierge services
airport pickup / drop off
Match.com Platinum $2,0006 dates
It's Just Lunch$2,50010 dates for 1 year
Blind Dates ONLY
Caliber Match$5,500 - $13,500 1 year
Kelleher International$6,500 - $100,000San Franciso based, National Service, International Service is on the high end of the price scale
Dating Directions$8,500Ohio based
Premier Matchmaking$10,000 - $50,0001 year
Selective Search$25,000 - $50,000+7 - 10 dates (1 year)
Linx Dating$25,000 - $100,0002 years
Serious Matchmaking $25,000+
Millionaire Matchmaker$100,000+1 year for international service