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About Us

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Here at Exclusive Colombian Matchmaker, we derive great joy from helping good men find great Colombian women. We are an exclusive, professional matchmaking service that goes far beyond a  “dating site”, or “dating service”.

We also go beyond other so-called “marriage agencies” that often have lots of empty promises, bells and whistles, but very little integrity. Most of these places provide hardly any customized, personal matchmaking, and some of their practices (such as email letter writing) are often total scams. Email letter writing CAN be done legitimately and with integrity, but in many “agencies” it is a flat out scam.

Truthfully, we even go beyond a generic matchmaking service, because we provide an exclusive, personalized, and customized service that can usually only be achieved at paying millionaire matchmaker, many times the amount of the investment in our services. If you have checked pricing on personalized, professional matchmaking services in the USA, then you know that those price tags are usually reserved for the rich and famous (Starting as low as $5,000 USD up to $85,000 USD, or more, for 1-year Contracts! Yikes!)

Who is Maria Jose Bueno


Maria Jose Bueno is considered Colombia’s #1 Matchmaker due to her successful matchmaking experience in over a decade.  A natural educator, a writer, an entrepreneur, a life and international dating coach and a customer service oriented; skilled diplomat who works for win/win situations. Someone who understands that efficiency is the key to success.

She leads you to understand the local women and the culture with her charismatic yet up front personality and excellent communications skills. Closing the cultural gap between foreing men and Colombian women.  Her commitment to your happiness during the whole process is the magic touch needed to succeed in your search of the woman and relationship of your dreams. 


Hi, I’m your personal, “Exclusive Colombian Matchmaker”, Maria Jose Bueno  and this my foreign husband. I’m Colombian and he is Egyptian. After many years of helping men and women meet, I was fortunate to meet Moataz during work assignment in his country.

We have been married since 2011 and we have decided to help other foreign men and Colombian women find the love and rewarding relationship they deserve.

So what are you waiting for? After you have looked over our site, go Sign up for our newsletters and download my free ebook and also visit  “Services Page” I want to help you find the love that you deserve today, with a beautiful Colombian woman.


We wish you the best of luck in your search. – María José & Moataz –